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If you feel you need to attend Student Health please phone us first and give a brief outline of your problem. This information helps us provide the most suitable care. This may mean phone advice, seeing a health professional and/or having prescribed medication, observation and rest at Student Health for several hours.

If you live in a Residential College it is very important that you let your RA/Warden know you are unwell. The College can then care for you and also take measures to reduce the spread of infection (e.g. providing you with meals in your room).

In General, please do not attend classes, lectures, labs until your symptoms have settled, as this could put others at risk of picking up infections. Please be aware of the University's Special Consideration in Final Exams Policy, as the above advise is not intended to supersede the Policy, and is not to be interpreted as advise not to sit an exam.

Further information on Special Consideration

Self–care advice

Colds self–care

Ministry of Health information about colds

Cough self–care

Ear self–care

Sinus congestion self–care

Throat self–care


Find out about Influenza symptoms and self-care advice

Influenza vaccination

Want to reduce your chances of getting flu this year? Living in colleges or flatting? Influenza spreads very easily and up to one in five people get influenza every year. Being fit and healthy will not stop you getting flu. Influenza isn't just a bad cold – it can be serious and can kill.

Getting a flu vaccination is fast and easy and helps protect you and your friends

Costs: Influenza vaccination is free for Dunedin-based students

To book a 10 minute appointment: Freephone from your cellphone or landline: 0800 479 821 (inside New Zealand)

Information about the free vaccination and eligibility criteria


Healthline is a 24 hour a day resource, where you can get health advice over the phone from a registered nurse.

Call 0800 611 116

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