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Updated: 14 December 2023

Meningitis B* and ACWY vaccines are fully funded for NZ residents aged 13–25 years entering college accommodation.

* also fully funded for those students already in college accomodation until 28/2/2024

We strongly recommend all students, particularly those living in residential colleges, be vaccinated against meningococcal disease before coming to Dunedin. Historically, there are at least one or two cases among students at the University of Otago annually. Vaccination will provide very good levels of protection but unfortunately there is not a single vaccine that covers all meningitis strains.

Three injections are required to provide optimal protection against current circulating strains of meningococcal disease: two of the meningitis B vaccine, which are usually eight weeks apart, and one of the meningitis ACWY vaccine.

For information regarding meningococcal disease and vaccines available, visit:

Meningococcal disease (including meningitis), Ministry of Health website

No vaccine is ever 100 per cent guaranteed to protect against disease. It is important that people who have symptoms suggestive of meningococcal disease or are seriously ill access medical care as soon as possible. Friends and flatmates should be ready to look after each other and know how to access urgent health care.

For more information about vaccine charges:

How much does it cost at Student Health?

Primary Schedule

We strongly encourage you to be fully vaccinated.

Most primary schedule vaccinations are fully subsidised for NZ residents. Some vaccines are also fully subsidised for International students.

When you are over 18 years of age, to be classified as fully vaccinated,  the minimum recommendations are as follows:

3 x Tetanus/Diptheria/Pertussis
3 x Polio
2 x MMR (Measles, mumps rubella)
3 x HPV
3 x Hep B

Please refer to to find information about why, how and when we immunise as well as information about the vaccines.

If you wish to be vaccinated, please make a 30 minute appointment to see a nurse at Student Health at your convenience. It would be helpful to bring any vaccination records you can obtain with you to this appointment.


Learn about Gardasil, our HPV vaccination programme

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