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The ear canal can become blocked with wax, skin, debris or foreign objects causing temporary hearing loss and/or infection.
In 30% of cases wax plugs will spontaneously resolve after about 5 days without treatment.

Syringing ear wax either by a health professional or using over the counter preparations is not recommended due to the risk of complications such as rupture of the tympanic membrane (ear drum) and otitis externa (infection in the ear canal).

Microsuction is a safe method of removing ear wax from the ear. This is cleaning of the ear canal using gentle suction and instruments under direct vision using a microscope. All equipment is steralised before use.

You can have this procedure done by specialised registered nurses at the local Ear Health Clinic.

For more information visit the website below.

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Ear Health Clinic
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Tel 64 3 455 0801
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