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Frequently Asked Questions about Studholme College

Get answers to the questions that everyone has!

Is there an expected time to be home in the College at night?

No, residents have the freedom to come and go. We do ask anyone planning to be away overnight to sign our “sign out book” at reception in case we need to contact them in an emergency.

What does Alcohol-Free floor or house mean?

This option is where there is to be no alcohol use or presence in these living spaces. Residents are able to drink elsewhere (eg, at bars in town) but must return to their rooms in a quiet manner. Residents living in these designated areas generally request to be there.

Are there car parks and bike storage areas available for resident use?

We have limited car-parking and most of our students park their cars on the street. We have plenty of room for your bikes in our 2 bike sheds.

Who can help me with financial questions around accommodation fees?

Contact the Financial Administrator on 64 3 479 5504.

What happens when residents are sick?

We have robust support systems in place to care for students not feeling well. It is important that residents communicate with their Residential Assistant (RA) or office staff if they are not feeling well.

Is there temporary off-street parking?

Yes we have 2 "visitor parks" at the front of our College off Clyde St.

Can residents swap rooms?

No. If you are unhappy with your room, please see the Warden of College.

Will I be safe and secure?

The College takes security very seriously. We ask all our residents to help us keep each other safe and secure by being vigilant against strangers. All buildings are locked to outsiders in the evenings. Older student staff are on call each night with a senior staff member living on site, on call as backup. Security guards are employed to keep an eye on things most of the nights throughout the week while we are all sleeping. We also have camera surveillance throughout our common areas.

How will I find out about lectures?

Once you have completed the course approval process at the beginning of the year we can help you find where your lectures are held.

Will I be allowed to have visitors?

Yes! Your visitors become your responsibility and if they become a disturbance within our community we reserve the right to ask them to leave immediately. This applies to visitors wanting to stay overnight as well. There are some times of the year where overnight guests are not permitted to stay.

What is the food like?

Our students “rave” about how good the food is here. Studholme food is prepared fresh daily.
We are happy to look after our students who have special diet requirements. These students need to produce a medical certificate. Our Foodservice Manager would be happy to discuss this with you in greater detail if you have any questions.

How far is Studholme from the University and other facilities?

Studholme College is about 5 minutes from the following:

  •  University Lecture Theatre
  •  University Library
  •  Student Health
  •  Caledonian athletic track
  •  Squash courts
  •  Tennis courts
  •  Hockey turf
  •  Forsyth Barr Stadium

When do I send my application?

It is advisable to get your application to the accommodation office before the end of September each year. You can also apply online.

What should I bring with me?

All bedrooms are fully set up with everything you need to get started:

  •  Wardrobe
  •  Dressing table
  •  Mirror
  •  Study lamp
  •  Desk
  •  Study chair
  •  Single inner-sprung mattress and base
  •  Mattress protector
  •  Duvet
  •  Duvet cover
  •  Sheets and pillowcase
  •  Extra blanket
  •  Heating
  •  Carpeted floors

We do not provide pillows, towels, bath mats or coat hangers.

How much will it cost?

Our fees are set annually by the University and are the same across all of the University-owned Colleges. Please see the

Studholme handbook

  or the

Fees page

for the current year’s fees and payment options.

Will I have to share my room?

 No. Because you are living in a community for 40 weeks of the year it is important to have an area where you can close the door and call it your own space.

All of our rooms are single rooms and we do not have shared rooms. Some of our rooms are in houses and some in the main residential block.