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Home Science origins

Studholme Hall, as it was then known, was established in 1915 in two old houses (where University College now stands) to provide accommodation for female students attending the School of Home Science that had been opened in 1911.

It was named Studholme in honour of Colonel Studholme who had worked for the establishment of the School of Home Science and had personally endowed the first chair for it.

Student numbers grew and two further houses were bought, and the home "Arana" in Clyde Street was rented temporarily.

Property acquisitions in the 20s and 30s

In 1928 the property at 127 Clyde Street (now known as West Wing) was purchased and housed 30 students. This building was known as Upper Studholme while the older buildings were known as Lower Studholme.

Plans were drawn up in 1937 for a new wing to be added to Upper Studholme but these were delayed due to the outbreak of war. Student numbers, however, were still growing.

St Helen's Hospital in Regent Road and Dunlop House in Clyde Street were used and St Anne's (a vacant private hospital adjacent to Lower Studholme) was purchased. These places were used until 1961 when the new six-story block was at last completed, increasing the number of beds available at the Upper Studholme site to 120.

90s renovations

Over the summer of 1993/94 the roof of the dining room was replaced and seminar rooms were added, as well as 16 bedrooms, bringing the total number of beds to 136.


A further 42 students live in six adjacent houses that were acquired and fully integrated into the Hall in 1998 and 1999. The houses are named after three former Wardens, Sally Keeling, Joan Dunn and Mary Dunn; and Jane Malthus, who was a long serving member and chairwoman of the Studholme Hall Council. Two additional houses were purchased in 2007 and came online in 2008 bringing the total number of residents to 187.

The CottageThe cottage house

The historic Cottage, fronting on to Forth Street, is more than 100 years old and from 1976 was used as the first Women's Refuge in Dunedin. A plaque in commemoration of this was unveiled in September 1999.


Studholme Hall was renamed Studholme College in 2006 by the then Vice Chancellor David Skeggs

Studholme todayStudholme Studholme Building

Studholme College is owned by the University of Otago.

The Warden, Johnny Nu'u, is responsible to the Director of Campus and Collegiate Life Services at the University of Otago for the administration of the College and the welfare of the students.

Although Studholme still maintains close links with the Department of Consumer & Applied Science (the new name for the School of Home Science) it now accepts students, both women and men (the ratio depends on the numbers of applications) from all faculties of the University.

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