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Greetings and a very warm welcome to Studholme. With so many wonderful colleges to choose from why would you opt for Studholme? If you are looking for a College that is smaller in size but big in heart then we invite you to apply to be part of our community. Studholme College is well known for being a close-knit, friendly and fun place to be part of.

Studholme is one of the most preferred Colleges, so being selected to join our student community of 184 is a big deal. A successful selection into Studholme comes with an expectation that you will contribute your talents to help our community continue its excellent reputation in the inter-collegiate sports, cultural and gaming competition. There will also be plenty of opportunities to volunteer in the community available throughout the year.

Studholme College's priority is to ensure students have the opportunity to excel at their university degree. We offer tutorials to help support you in your papers and it is highly recommended that you attend.

The staff here take great pride in how we run our College and in particular how we look after our residents. The staff will go the extra mile for you while also encouraging you to stand on your own two feet. Our hope is that when you leave Studholme at the end of the year you will describe it as 'one of the best years of your life'.

We are extremely proud of our College and we hope to meet you one day as part of our Studholme family.

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