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This page provides information on processes and support available for students who are impaired by injury, illness, disability or other circumstances during study.

Support for existing and known impairments during study

Disability Information & Support provides learning support, advice, advocacy and information to students with disabilities, impairments, medical conditions or injuries. Alternative arrangements may also be available to assist you during terms tests and final examinations.

Unexpected illness or injury impacting study

Provisions are available for when unexpected illness or injury impacts upon your ability to complete an assessment task or your course. In most cases, your condition will need to be verified with appropriate medical documentation.

If an unexpected and significant illness or injury prevents you from sitting a final examination, or has a substantial impact on your preparation for or performance in a final examination, but you feel you are otherwise capable of completing your course, you may apply for Special Consideration in a Final Examination. Applications must be received no later than five days after the last examination for which you are seeking special consideration.

For illness or injury impacting internal assessment, you can seek special consideration (e.g. an extension to a due date) from your department. In such instances, check the Course Outline for advice on the process to follow, or talk to the relevant Course Coordinator.

In some cases, unexpected injury or illness may prevent you from being able to complete a paper or papers in which you have enrolled. If so you may be eligible for Withdrawal under Exceptional Circumstances. If approved, this allows you to withdraw from a paper without a fail result being recorded on your record.

Note that the special consideration and exceptional withdrawal provisions are not available for pre-existing and known conditions (these are covered by 'Support for existing and known impairments' above). However, if an unexpected change in a known condition causes significant impairment during the semester, this may provide grounds for special consideration or exceptional withdrawal.

Other circumstances impacting study

Provisions also exist for non-health-related circumstances beyond your control, such as bereavement or significant family events, which might impact on study or assessment. For more information see:

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