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The exchange application process

  1. You check your eligibility for the programme
  2. You apply on eVision (Programme and Papers > apply for Global Exchange)
  3. You complete a survey and upload a 2 minute video (instructions will be emailed to you. See * below)
  4. You are allocated a place at one of your preferred institutions
  5. You seek formal approval from appropriate department(s) and Student Development
  6. We nominate you to the host institution and email the application information to you.
  7. You apply to the host institution
  8. Your formal acceptance documents arrive and you apply for your student visa
  9. Your exchange starts!
  10. The transcript from your host institution arrives and your exchange credits are processed

Key application dates

Date Action
15-May-23 First intake of applications for Otago's S1, 2024 (all institutions)*
21-Aug-23 First intake of applications for Otago's S2, 2024(all institutions)*
18-Sep-23 Last day to apply for Otago's S1, 2024 (available institutions)
16-Oct-23 Last day to apply to go to Australia in Otago's S1, 2024
Last day to apply for Otago's S2, 2024 (available institutions)
15-Apr-24 Last day to apply to go to Australia in Otago's S2, 2024


* Main application intake. Applicants will be emailed from this date to continue with the exchange application process.

Applications received outside * are processed on a daily basis. The sooner you apply, the better. Available institutions are marked as 'Yes' under 'Accepting applications' on the Otago Global Student Exchange List of Partner Institutions. Applications are considered on a first-in first-served basis.

S1 2025 exchange to the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto in Canada – Apply from 1 October 2023 to 1 February 2024. Places will be allocated on a first-in first-served basis.

Students wanting to go to Brock University on exchange in S1 2025 apply should apply by mid-March 2024. There is only one course registration period at Brock in June, courses can fill up quickly and limit any students who apply later.

How to apply

  1. Log in to eVision
  2. Go to 'Programme and Papers'
  3. 'Apply for Global Exchange' listing up to five exchange institutions in order of preference (you will confirm your final choices of destination later).
  4. If applying for a full academic year you will need to put in two applications.
  5. If applying for less than one semester exchange, select 'short course' under 'period'.
  6. No additional document needed.

Before submitting your application

  1. Attend an Otago Global information session
  2. Plan to Go on Exchange
  3. Choose institutions from the list of approved partners for your Division (where applicable).
  4. Identify your destinations of choice in order of preference and be prepared to attend any of them.
  5. Ensure courses you need to take are offered in English (if applicable) and in the semester you will be on exchange.

Further Information

Contact an Exchange Adviser for further information about Otago Global Student Exchange.

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