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Last updated April, 2023

The university

Founded on a tradition of highly integrated academics, the University of Amsterdam enjoys a global reputation for cutting-edge research, high-quality teaching and a broad range of degree programmes. The international academic tradition dates back to 1632, and continues to be strong today, thanks to their thriving community of independent thinkers. Now, with more than 31,000 students, the university is considered one of the best research universities in the world. We strive for excellence in teaching and research and are proud to offer you one of the largest selections of English-taught programmes in continental Europe.

Amsterdam provides an ideal environment for academic studies. As the capital city, with a population over 900,000 inhabitants, Amsterdam is the financial, creative and cultural heart of the Netherlands. It is also home to numerous (international) companies, institutions and museums. The city boasts beautiful architecture and more than 150 canals, lending Amsterdam its unique and charming historical ambience. The people of Amsterdam are easy-going and welcoming to foreigners and English is the city's second language. Getting around is easy using the extensive public transportation system. Alternatively, you can explore the city by bike, discovering places where cars, buses, or trams cannot take you.

Exchange information

  • Students must have completed at least 120 ECTS (or the equivalent in local credits) at the time of departure for study abroad. Students should have a grade point average of 3.0 (US system), and a relevant academic background in the proposed field of study.
  • Each host faculty might have additional requirements. Please review additional requirements per faculty to see if further conditions apply. Requirements are explained in the document for courses and faculty criteria.  
    Entry requirements.
  • Global Exchange Programme 2023-2024
  • Full-time workload is 30 EC (European Credits) per semester. Exchange students generally take between 24 EC (minimum) and 30 EC.
  • As in many major European cities, the demand for reasonably priced housing in Amsterdam is very high. Affordable housing available to students is therefore limited. Students in general are advised to start looking for accommodation as early as possible. For our exchange students, each year we reserve a range of furnished accommodation in Amsterdam with different housing corporations.
  • Please note that the exchange programme may not run parallel to the fixed period of the University of Amsterdam housing rental contracts. In case you leave before the end of the semester, you will need to pay until the end of the contract period, regardless of your departure date. It could also happen that you may need to leave your room a few days earlier than the actual ending date of your programme.

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Further information

For further information about Otago Global Student Exchange, please contact an Exchange Adviser.

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