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The University

With over 400 undergraduate degrees across six faculties, the University of Bristol offers a world-class education, where teaching is delivered by leadinBristol 2. g academics and informed by influential research. It's the ideal place to explore new horizons, challenge yourself and reach your full potential.

Enveloped in the hills of South West England, Bristol has its own unmistakable identity, carved out by passionate locals and spirited fans. Discover things to do in Bristol born out of the city's centuries-old heritage and irrepressible creative spirit. Float over historic landmarks in a beautiful balloon, seek out world-class street art and follow the sound of live music flowing into cobbled streets.

Exchange Information

  • Undergraduate level exchange only.
  • Academic Year: September - June (Autumn semester: September - January; Spring Semester: January - June)
  • Minimum/maximum course load: 60 credits per semester (this cannot be exceeded). Students may take 50 credits per semester if agreed by their home university. Each unit can be either 10 or 20 credits.
  • Course numbering: the first number in the unit code indicates which year the unit is taught in. e.g. SPOL20050 is a second year unit.
  • GPA requirement: 5.0 (out of 9.0 GPA)
  • You must have flexibility with regards to courses, as your classes may be confirmed only after you arrive at Bristol.
  • You may choose classes from a variety of departments or concentrate in just one or two areas.
  • Some departments require full-year exchanges (e.g. Law), whilst others can only accept exchange students for a particular semester (e.g. Economics only accepts full year or Autumn term exchanges).
  • Music - classes are extremely limited, and you may not be admitted to classes within the Music Department even if you have secured academic entry to the University of Bristol.
  • Psychology - limited number of 3rd year classes available to exchange students, it is unlikely you'll be able to take a full course load at 300 level at Bristol. Students need to have a very strong scientific background to meet the pre-requisites.
  • Computer Science - From September 2020, 1st and 2nd year units will no longer be available to exchange students. Many 3rd and 4th year units will still be available to 3rd and 4th year students who meet the prerequisite requrements.
  • Spring term only: specific classes cannot be guaranteed, some departments may restrict classes to "majors-only" and in many cases Bristol won't be able to determine which classes are available until the students arrive in January.
  • Spring class restrictions: Bristol is unable to guarantee specific classes, some departments may restrict classes to "majors-only" and in many cases Bristol won't be able to determine which classes are available until the students arrive in January.
  • Accommodation options range from self-catered student houses in Clifton (near the University) to large catered halls of residence in Stoke Bishop (35 minutes walk across open parkland). You will apply for accommodation after they have accepted their offer to study at Bristol. You are guaranteed University accommodation if you are coming to Bristol for a full academic year or the Autumn semester.

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