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Get out and smell the air

With so much going on, it's easy to forget about something very important – you!

Sustainable Development Goals

Luckily, looking after yourself and your well-being can be easier than you think:

  • Connect – talk and listen, be there. Look people in the eye and take a moment to make small talk about something totally not work related; to feel connected
  • Take notice – of yourself and others; paying more attention to the present moment boosts your well-being
  • Keep learning – be curious and seek out new experiences; to stimulate your brain and enjoy a whole lot of positive goodness
  • Give – an act of kindness, whether small or large; to lift your mood
  • Be active – stand up and move around, maybe suggest a walking meeting; to get some fresh air and your blood pumping

For more ideas to get you started and support you along the way, visit our University's Health Yourself web pages:

Health yourself

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