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The aim of the Diploma in Theology (DipTheol) is to offer a one-year course which will enhance knowledge and understanding of the main sub-disciplines of theology: Biblical Studies (including Biblical Hebrew and Greek), Christian Thought and History, and Pastoral Studies.

The Diploma in Theology involves seven 18-point Theology papers. The majority of papers will be at 100-level, but up to three papers may be taken at 200-level.

The papers which make up the DipTheol are all taught both on campus and via distance learning and so are accessible to students throughout New Zealand.

Programme requirements

The Diploma in Theology consists of 7 papers, 3 of which may be at 200-level. The 100-level papers can be chosen from the following:

  • BIBS 112 Interpreting the Old Testament
  • BIBS 121 Interpreting the New Testament
  • CHTH 102 The History of Christianity
  • CHTH 111 Doing Theology
  • CHTH 131 God and Ethics in the Modern World
  • BIBS 131 Introductory New Testament Greek Language 1
  • BIBS 132 Introductory New Testament Greek Language 2
  • HEBR 131 Introductory Biblical Hebrew 1
  • HEBR 132 Introductory Biblical Hebrew 2

The 200-level papers can include any 200-level paper in Biblical Studies (BIBS), Christian Thought and History (CHTH) and Pastoral Studies (PAST), provided prerequisites are met.

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Regulations on this page are taken from the 2023 Calendar and supplementary material.

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