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Faith Thinking offer a range of courses that give in-depth teaching on various subjects, in order to help Christians love God with all of their minds. These subjects include New Testament, Old Testament, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, and Church History.

Each course will be taught by someone with expertise in that subject area – either by a university lecturer (predominantly from the Theology Programme), or a church leader.

A number of courses will be offered every year, and the venue for each course will either be a Dunedin church or the University of Otago. Events are also offered in Invercargill, and at times in other cities.

Faith Thinking is a joint venture between the Theology Programme of the University of Otago and a number of Dunedin churches, and supported by Continuing Education at the University of Otago.

Faith Thinking events on video

The Faith Thinking playlist

The Theology playlist, including Faith Thinking videos from 2023 onwards

The Faith Thinking YouTube playlist, upto and including 2022

Links by title to the individual videos on YouTube – most recent on top

Surveillance and Sociality: “Smart Living” in Historical and Future Cities – presented by Andrew Shepherd

The Old Testament – presented by James Harding

Spirituality – a conversation with Joy Cowley

Theo Aotearoa – presented by Wayne Te Kaawa

Obeying God's Plan? The Spiritual Abuse of Nuns – presented by Dr Rocío Figueroa and Professor David Tombs

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945), Discipleship, and the Sermon on the Mount – presented by Chris Holmes

Landscapes of Grief, Horizons of Care – presented by Graham Redding

Health and Healing: Theological and Pastoral Considerations – presented by Graham Redding

Decolonising our Faith: Indigenising our faith in the soil of Aotearoa New Zealand – presented by Wayne Te Kaawa

Contours of an Ecological Theology – presented by Dr Andrew Shepherd

It's all Greek to me! The New Testament in Text and Translation – presented by Dr Katie Marcar

Understanding the Trinity – presented by Associate Professor Chris Holmes

A case study of an evangelical congregation that has coped in a creative way with the challenge of LGBTQ+ issues – presented by Dr Lynne Baab

Bishop David Sheppard: a case study in effective public theology – presented by Andrew Bradstock

David Sheppard: between the pulpit and the crease – presented by Andrew Bradstock

Facing, Naming and Engaging Cultures and Systems of Violence – presented by Andrew Shepherd

From Temple to Village Centre: the Evolution of Church Architecture – presented by Murray Rae

House Churches in the First Century – presented by Paul Trebilco

James Cone, the Cross and the Lynching Tree – presented by David Tombs

Jesus in the Gospel of Mark – presented by Paul Trebilco

Living faithfully with multiple allegiances: Learning from Ezra and Nehemiah – presented by Don Moffat

Passover in Scripture and Tradition – presented by James Harding

Pastoral care: our stories matter – presented by Lynne Taylor

Seeing His Innocence, I See My Innocence – presented by David Tombs

The Bible in the Time of Jesus – presented by James Harding

The Throwaway Society – presented by Andrew Shepherd

Well-being, connection and pastoral care – presented by Lynne Taylor

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