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Read news stories, features, and articles highlighting the University of Otago's Department of Tourism.

Tourism at Otago has featured in national and international media, and the three University publications: He Kitenga, the University of Otago Magazine and the Otago Bulletin.

He Kitenga: Tourism research highlights

He Kitenga is a high-quality publication that celebrates the wealth of research undertaken by academic staff and students at the University of Otago. This publication reflects the concept of discovery—as the Māori word "kitenga" derives from "kite", which means to 'see, perceive, find, and discover'.

Visit the He Kitenga website to read features about the latest Tourism research.

Here is a taste of some of the research expertise in the Department of Tourism, published in previous editions of He Kitenga:

“It's time to rethink stereotypes when it comes to planning for outdoor recreation.”
Outdoor Outlooks – Dr Anna Thompson (He Kitenga, 2011 – pages 14-15)

“ ... I have witnessed the power of tourism - as a phenomenon and as a force for change.”
Travel and Ethics – Dr Brent Lovelock

“… remote, extreme long-haul destinations like New Zealand will be in the firing line if and when people start thinking twice about travelling so far for a holiday.”
Sustaining Tourism – Prof James Higham

The University of Otago Magazine: Tourism features

Read the most recent Tourism features in the University of Otago Magazine. This award-winning magazine includes research, alumni profiles, University news, alumni news, and upcoming events.

Read the latest Otago Magazine tourism features, profiles and opinion pieces online:

Good and bad nature – Professor Brent Lovelock and Associate Professor Anna Carr, see Issue 50, Otago Magazine

Are holidays good for us? Research secrets to vacation happiness – Dr Sebastian Filep, see Issue 35, Otago Magazine

Read more Tourism stories in previous editions of the Otago Magazine:

Committed to the great outdoors (PDF, 1.8MB) – Dr Brent Lovelock (Otago Magazine: Issue 32, pg 29).

RWC – an opportunity missed (PDF, 2.3MB) – Prof James Higham (Otago Magazine: Issue 31, pp-26-27).

Gap-year experiences (PDF, 2MB) – Dr Tara Duncan (Otago Magazine: Issue 29, pg 31).

Otago Bulletin: Tourism Features

The Otago Bulletin publishes university news online.

Read 'A taste of Summer School' (Jan 2014) and learn about the popularity of TOUR214 Introduction to the Wine Business.

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