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The Department of Tourism has a busy schedule of seminars during the academic year.

Presenters include staff from the Department of Tourism and other faculties, as well as scholars visiting from other Universities.

If you require further information about a seminar, please contact

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Tourism Seminars for 2022

Seminar subjects to be advised.

9 March 2022

Dr Craig Lee
A toast to good health part 2: Consumer demand for healthy beverages in the hospitality industry

Venue: Boardroom

23 March 2022

Dr Willem Coetzee
The Transformative Power of Small Scale 2SLGBTQIA+ events

Venue: Boardroom

27 April 2022

Dr Pooneh Torabian
The Colour of One's Passport: International Students and Inequalities in New Zealand

Venue: Boardroom

11 May 2022

Professor James Higham
Research Publication: A Means to an End (Not an end in itself)

Venue: Boardroom

25 May 2022

Dr Julia Albrecht

Venue: Boardroom

3 August 2022

Professor Neil Carr
Disabled Animals and Leisure

Venue: Boardroom

17 August 2022

Associate Professor Susan Houge Mackenzie

Venue: Boardroom

7 September 2022

Professor Hazel Tucker

Venue: Boardroom

21 September 2022

Dr Stu Hayes
Marsden Project

Venue: Boardroom

28 September 2022

Associate Professor Anna Carr
“Pretty as a picture? The alien in the postcard”

Venue: Boardroom

5 October 2022

Professor Brent Lovelock

Venue: TBC

Tourism seminar archive

Tourism seminars for 2018

25 July 2018

Dr Émilie Crossley
Affect and atmosphere in a volunteer tourism destination

16 May 2018

Professor Juergen Gnoth
How do Destinations affect Tourists' Experiences? A break-through to make qualitative research not just a journey of discovery but also objective

2 May 2018

Ms Jessica Mei Pung, visiting PhD Candidate in the Department of Marketing
The transformative power of tourism experiences

11 April 2018

Dr Trudie Walters
By Popular Demand...

21 March 2018

Professor James Higham and Dr Hilary Phipps
Climate change and aviation emissions: A problem of collective action?

14 March 2018

Courtney Mason (Thompson Rivers University)
Indigenous tourism in rural Canada: Histories of displacement and contemporary partnership development

7 March 2018

Brad Stelfox (ALCES)
ALCES Online Seminar

Tourism seminars for 2017

20 September 2017

Dr Émilie Crossley, Otago Polytechnic
Deep reflexivity in tourism research

6 September 2017

Aubrey Miller, University of Otago, School of Surveying
Recreation zoning as a management tool for popular winter destinations

23 August 2017

Mingming Cheng, University of Otago, Department of Tourism
Big data in tourism: Questions in, knowledge out - the case of TripAdvisor travel forums

26 July 2017

Professor Peter Heimerl - UMIT - Private University for Health and Life Sciences, Hall/Tyrol
How to kick-off a participative pro-active strategic research development process in a touristic destination

19 July 2017

Dr Popi Sotiriadou - Griffith Business School, Griffith University
Session 2 - The pursuit of gender balance in the governance of sport, tourism and leisure decision making process'

17 July 2017

Dr Popi Sotiriadou - Griffith Business School, Griffith University
Session1 - This was the best course I did at Uni'
Designing assessments and delivering courses that enhance student experiences and employability

31 May 2017

Dr Susan Houge Mackenzie, University of Otago, Department of Tourism
Understanding Adventure Tourism Experiences through Positive Psychology Frameworks: Implications for Guided Tours

17 March 2017

Dr Tess Guiney, University of Otago, Department of Tourism
Layers of Emotion in Orphanage Tourism Encounters

31 March 2017

Steve Riley - Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA)
Connecting the industry with Insight

22 March 2017

Professor Sanjay K Nepal - University of Waterloo, Williams Evans Fellow
Irish Pubs and Dream Cafes: Tourism, Tradition and Modernity in Nepal's Khumbu (Everest) Region

8 March 2017

Dr Craig Lee, University of Otago, Department of Tourism
"Assessing experience at sporting events".

Tourism seminars for 2016

21 September 2016

Associate Professor Hazel Tucker
Tourism, mood-making and the world

7 September 2016

Dr Julia Albrecht
A long-term perspective on the New Zealand Tourism Strategy 2015

17 August 2016

Associate Professor Brent Lovelock
How much tourism is there in medical tourism?

3 August 2016

Professor James Higham and Associate Professor Neil Carr

20 July 2016

Dr Debbie Hopkins
The Hype of Automated Vehicles: Technological Innovation, Behaviour Change and the 'Smart City'

20 April 2016

Dr Stefan Roesch
The Golden Age of Screen-Based Destination Marketing

6 April 2016

Dr Craig Lee
Drivers of success in the Australian restaurant sector

18 March 2016

Dr Kynda Curtis
The Importance of Good Food Experiences in Destination Loyalty

16 March 2016

Dr Willem Coetzee
Research legacy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup

2 March 2016

Dr Ian Griffin
Night Sky Tourism. Opportunities for Dunedin

1 March 2016

Emeritus Professor Donald M. Broom
Empathy, sentience and morality
Bioethics Seminar, co-hosted with Department of Tourism

Tourism seminars for 2014

6th August 2014

Dr Tara Duncan & Professor James Higham
Drivers and barriers to academic travel: a comparative exploration of University policy at three New Zealand institutions.

17th September 2014

Associate Professor Neil Carr
Dealing with Death: working dogs in human leisure.

15th October 2014

Dr Anna Thompson
Adapting to Business Challenges: A case study of the mountain guiding sector in New Zealand.

Tourism seminars for 2013

November 2013

Dr Sebastian Filep
Postive Tourism

October 2013

Dr Leslie-Ann Jordan-Miller
"The Forgotten People?: An analysis of the representation of the First Peoples in the marketing and planning of tourism in Trinidad and Tobago"

Émilie Crossley
"Suspicion, mockery and demand: avoiding the host gaze in volunteer tourism."

September 2013

Dr Tianyu Ying
Networks, Citizenship Behaviours and Destination Effectiveness: A Comparative Study of Two Chinese Rural Tourism Destinations

Associate Professor Brent Lovelock
"Taking the ethical high road: Modelling travel patterns in an ethical (travel) world.”

August 2013

Dr Freya Higgins-Desbiolles
Peace through Tourism: Promoting human security through international citizenship

Associate Professor Fumin Xing
"Standardization and quality assurance in tourism and hospitality: two Chinese cases”

July 2013

Dr Caroline Orchiston
Recovery Marketing after the Christchurch Earthquakes

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