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Andrus Nomm image 2020

Doctoral research abstract

Existing literature argues that tourism industry is not prepared for a carbon neutral global economy. Large gaps exist between the challenges tourism industry is expected to face in next 20 years and risks of highest concern for the global economy. Currently Destination Management Organisations are looking to grow numbers of visitors, often so from sources located further away. However, a climatically desirable future could mean that domestic destinations and visits to neighbouring destinations increase compared to visits to further away destinations; while getting to a destination could take longer and longer could also be time visitors spend at the destination. My research explores the landscape of possible decarbonisation of the tourism industry. This project aims to identify perspectives, drivers and implications for destination management, governance and leadership; including aspects of change and shifts in power relations within plausible future scenarios.


M.Com., Tourism, University of Otago (2019)
Research thesis: Advocacy and Community Leadership in Destination Management

B.A., Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Tartu (2002)

Undergrad Diploma, Business Management, Pärnu Business School

Primary Research Interests

• Destination management (national and regional levels) practices and its futures.
• Interrelationships between functions of destination management.
• Destination leadership and – governance.
• Stakeholder advocacy and community leadership in destination management.


Nomm, A. H. L., Albrecht, J. N., & Lovelock, B. (2020). Advocacy and community leadership as functions in national and regional level destination management. Tourism Management Perspectives, 35, 100682. doi: 10.1016/j.tmp.2020.100682
Nomm, A. H. L., Albrecht, J. N., & Lovelock, B. (2020). Leadership in national level destination management: The case of Estonia. International Journal of Tourism Policy, 10(1), 68-87. doi: 10.1504/IJTP.2020.107199

Professional Memberships

Collaborative On-Demand Learning (2020-), Director

Industry Experience

Andrus has over 15 years of senior level leadership experience from Europe, while actively building up a national level tourism destination in Estonia. His professional career has taken him to analyse opportunities for international and national co-operation between variety of types of stakeholders, as well as to promote innovation based on capacity, source markets and product development within tourism destinations.

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