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Our PhD research addresses the current and critical issues in Tourism, as well as taking a new approach to more traditional areas of Tourism research. Please see below for a complete list of current PhDs in Tourism studies.

Taufik Abdullah

Between Success and Failure: The empowerment of Survival Entrepreneurs, a Case Study of Indonesian Street Food Vendors
Supervisors: Neil Carr and Craig Lee

Patrick Boudreau-Alguire

Optimal States of Mind in Adventure Recreation
Supervisors: Susan Houge Mackenzie and Ken Hodge

Kishor Kumar Chitrakar

Community Based Home-Stay Tourism as a Sustainable Tourism Model in Nepal
Supervisors: Neil Carr and Julia Albrecht

Lucia Danzi

Co-creation approach for enhancing rural disaster resilience through tourism
Supervisors: Caroline Orchiston (Centre for Sustainability) and James Higham

Claire Dowsett

Investigating the social dimensions of invasive species
Supervisors: Anna Carr and Brent Lovelock

Md Saiful Islam

Community-based Tourism and its Impact on Sustainable Community Development: A Global Comparative Study to Assess the Viability
Supervisors: Willem Coetzee and Brent Lovelock

Yun Ji

Move towards sustainability: Explore the pluralistic values of slow tourism
Supervisors: James Higham and Mark Falcous

Ân Luong

Entrepreneurial desires, entrepreneurial self-efficacy and entrepreneurial intentions: A mixed-methods study of New Zealand tourism and hospitality
Supervisors: Craig Lee and Susan Mackenzie

Mahdis Madani

Developing a web of inter-connected incentives to improve the effectiveness and resilience of MPAs governance
Supervisors: Neil Carr and James Higham

Rajesh Nautiyal

Intangible Cultural Heritage and Cultural tourism: An Analysis of Ramman, A Ritual Theatre of Garhwal Himalayas
Julia Albrecht, Anna Carr

P Naresh Nayak

Strategy and Implementation plan for Water Conservation in Star category Hotels in New Zealand
Supervisors: Willem Coetzee and Julia Albrecht

Golnaz Nazem

MICE Tourism in New Zealand
Neil Carr and James Higham

Thuy Nguyen

“Green Nudges”: Application of behavioural insights in fostering energy and water-saving practices in small and independent hotels in Vietnam
Supervisors: Willem Coetzee and Craig Lee

Andrus H. L. Nomm

Decarbonisation of the tourism industry – drivers and perspectives in destination management and governance
Supervisors: Julia Albrecht & Brent Lovelock

Pitor Pakan

Surf tourism and human-waves relations
Supervisors: Hazel Tucker and Timothy Doering

Hannah Parsons

The design and delivery of transformative spiritual tourism experiences
Supervisors: Susan Mackenzie & Sebastian Filep

Reni Polus

The Spiritual Journey of International Volunteer Tourists
Supervisor: Neil Carr

Zahra Rahmani

When Eastern culture meets wellness Travellers' Interests
: Susan Houge Mackenzie and Anna Carr

Meysam Ramyar

Towards a more sustainable tourism through stakeholder's understanding: A case study of the natural resources in Wellington, NZ
Supervisors: Julia Albrecht and Willem Coetzee

Mercede Shavanddasht

The impact of selected social-demographic characteristics on female geotourists' motivations, destination image, satisfaction and loyalty
Supervisors: Anna Carr and Pooneh Torabian

Fathimath Shiraani

Understanding the holiday experiences of disabled children and young people
Supervisors: Neil Carr and Gill Rutherford

Matthias Spall

“Bad Nature” The social dimensions of invasive species
Supervisors: Brent Lovelock and Anna Carr

Animesh Tripathi

The rise of Asian / Indian lifestyle travellers
Supervisors: Hazel Tucker and Pooneh Torabian

Hsueh Yu Tseng

Fly smarter not harder: An examination of academic flying
Supervisors: James Higham and Craig Lee

Yunzhen Zhang

Understanding and assessing tourists' awe in different tourism settings
Supervisors: Hazel Tucker and Jundan Zhang (external)

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