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With the exception of studio, one bedroom and family houses, all rooms at the University Flats are single occupancy rooms.

For your safety, we have a unique secure key system in place where every key is individually cut and only fits your bedroom door. It is important that you always remember to lock your flat doors.

With having a variety of flats, you may receive either:

  • One key that open both the front door of your flat and your bedroom.
  • Two keys, one for the bedroom door and one for the front door.
  • A fob key (electronic magnet) for the front door and key for your bedroom

Our staff will only enter your bedroom, without formal notice or your express invitation, in the case of an emergency or for maintenance.

Subletting your room is prohibited, as is allowing guests to stay in your room if you are absent.

Flat and bedroom allocation is the responsibility of Uni Flats staff, and room changes must have their explicit permission. You will be informed of your room when you arrive in Dunedin.

The actual sizes of the bedrooms vary but all come equipped with the same furnishings.

We provide:

  • Double (135cm x 190cm/53in x 72in) or king single bed (107cm x 203cm/41.5in x 80in)
  • Mattress
  • Bed linen
  • Set of drawers
  • Desk
  • Desk chair
  • Heater

Power points in your rooms are intended for personal chargers, reading lamps, TV, and hair dryers only. You must have all electrical items safety tested by University Flats maintenance staff.

As this is your “home away from home” you may put posters on your walls to personalize your bedroom. However, we ask that you use white tack only. The use of drawing pins, blu-tack and/or sellotape on walls is prohibited but can be used on the notice board provided. Any damage caused due to the use of these items will be charged to the resident allocated to that particular room.

Please do not affix anything to doors, ceilings, wood work or light fittings as these pose a fire hazard.

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