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Our people


Tony Buchanan imageTony Buchanan

Head University Flats

Tel +64 3 479 5088
Mob +64 21 400 749

Croisella Trengrove 2019 imageCroisella Trengrove

Deputy Head

Tel +64 3 479 5980
Mob +64 21 302 683

Kerri Fraser imageKerri Fraser


Tel +64 3 479 8208

Rochelle Mason imageRochelle Mason


Tel +64 3 479 6535

Daniel ShrimptonDaniel Shrimpton

Property Manager - repairs and maintenance

Tel +64 3 479 8688
Mob +64 21 400 843

Michael GreinerMichael Greiner

Property Assistant - repairs and maintenance

Tel +64 3 479 8688
Mob +64 21 279 8688

Amber Russell imageAmber Russell

Community Support Co-ordinator - support, guidance and pastoral care

Tel +64 3 479 6532
Mob +64 21 279 6535

Chloe Banks imageChloe Banks

Community Support Co-ordinator - support, guidance and pastoral care

Tel +64 3 479 6532
Mob +64 21 279 6532

Anne Trainor imageAnne Trainor

Maintenance and Community Support Assistant

Tel +64 3 479 8688

Residential Assistants

Sid  Ford imageSid Ford

Hey team, my names Sinead Ford but most of you will come to know me as Sid! I finished my undergraduate degree in Physical education last year and have come back to complete a Postgrad Diploma looking at mental health in school curriculums. Home for me is a small town on the east coast of the South Island about 8hrs north of Dunedin called Kaikoura. I dabble in a few activities to pass time here in Dunedin, rowing being one of them! I’m super excited for the year ahead and the people I’m going to meet along the way!

Renee Black imageRenee Black

Kia Ora! My name is Renee and I am a Law, Politics, and Philosophy student here at the University of Otago. I was born in Opotiki, a small town on the east coat of New Zealand’s North Island, but grew up on the Kapiti Coast, a small town at the other end of the North Island! This is my fifth year living in Dunedin and I can safely say that I love it here! Dunedin is a real student city and offers a unique perspective on university life. I love that there are always other students around who understand the highs and lows of undertaking study, and how the city thrives off of the university community. When not on campus I particularly enjoy the local beaches (although the freezing cold water not so much!) and the beautiful scenery available both inside and just outside of the city! I love hearing about the experiences of our internationals so if you see me around come up and say hi - I’d love to meet you! Looking forward to an exciting, adventure filled year!

Becca Sims imageBecca Simms

Hey there!
I'm Becca and I’m in my 5th year of University studying Law and Arts. This will be my second year as a Kiwihost and I have absolutely loved meeting so many diverse people from around the globe. I grew up in the North Island, so in my spare time you’ll find me admiring and exploring all the gems the South Island has to offer. I have a passion for photography, keeping active, volunteering in the community and spending time with friends. My friends call me the ‘mum’ friend because I’m here for anything you may need. Whether this be support, hike suggestions, opportunities to volunteer in the community, or even just for someone to chat to. Looking forward to an incredible year immersing myself in the international community, I hope you all make the most of your time here. 

Luke Major imageLuke Major

Hey, my name’s Luke! I’m a queer kiwi kid who grew up in Dunedin. This is my fourth year at Otago studying Theatre and Gender Studies, and my second as a Kiwi Host after returning from an exchange to the UK in 2017. As a sucker for the international experience, I cannot yell louder about the wholesomeness of getting to know the people and cultures that surround you. You’ll have free accommodation all around the world before you know it. I also love an adventure, whether it’s a coastal roadie, forest hike or exploring a new city. Dunners has all of the above in close proximity so get out and see it. Some passions of mine include veganism, live music and thrift shopping! You can often find me in my kitchen cooking up a storm, in Allen Hall Theatre getting creative, or out with pals enjoying our city’s erratic sunshine. Don’t be afraid to give me a wave or stop and introduce yourself, I’m a smiley guy. Hope you have a sick year in Dunny D and make the most of all Aotearoa has to offer! Cheers!

Alex  Wootton imageAlex Wootton

Hey guys! I’m Alex and I’m in my 5th year here at Otago. I’ve completed a BSc in Neuro and Psychology and am now studying Medicine as a postgrad (i.e. not leaving Uni anytime soon). I’m technically half American and half British but like to think of myself as full Kiwi seeing I was born and raised in the little Canterbury town of Ashburton. I studied abroad for a year in California and through summers + a gap year have found myself living in Italy, Hong Kong, Hawaii and Australia. Clearly there’s a bit of passion for travel there (and warm weather), but I also love balancing out studies with healthy doses of outdoor adventures whether through tramping, camping, trail running, road trips, etc. Perhaps not surprisingly I’m part of the Uni tramping club exec for a second year so if you want to get involved then come have a chat with me! If you don’t care to get involved, then still come have a chat with me! I love meeting new people and sharing my love for this little slice of paradise we get to live in. Get stuck into the opportunities on offer, make some incredible memories and if you need anything please don’t hesitate to come chat with one of us. I look forward to seeing you around!

Renee Tuifagalele imageRenee Tuifagalele

Hey everyone, I’m Renee. This is my third year as a Kiwihost and second year as an RA for UniFlats. This is my sixth year at Otago and am currently studying a Masters of Indigenous Studies. I was born and raised in Rotorua and moved here in 2014 for Foundation Year Heath Science. I ended up finding my passion in studying Pacific Islands studies and sociology. Other than studying what I love, I enjoy sports, music, reading and socialising with everyone. If you see me around, don’t be afraid to say hi! I really hope you enjoy your time here in Dunedin and the rest of New Zealand.

Lachie Watson imageLachie Watson

Hey I’m Lachie! This is my 5th year of University in Dunedin and am currently a 3rd Year Medical student. I’m in my 3rd year of being a Kiwi Host and have loved being part of the Uniflat community, and am lucky enough to be an RA this year. I love the outdoors; in my spare time I enjoy exploring Dunedin’s many beaches and spending my weekends out hiking. I hope everyone enjoys their time here and makes the most of what the University and NZ has to offer.