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Uniprint produces all of the University of Otago's printed stationery.

We can quickly prepare:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Compliments slips
  • and more

Customised for your department and based on approved University templates and brand requirements.

If you order your stationery using the Uniprint online ordering system, the templates that you use will retain the details from your previous printed stationery orders.

If you are not using Uniprint's online ordering system you will need to provide the full details for your stationery printing each time that you order your stationery. Uniprint cannot archive files for future print runs due to the large amount of stationery that we print.

Please contact Uniprint to discuss your stationery printing requirements

Printing macrons for Māori words

If you need to include macrons when ordering printed stationery you will need to set up the Māori keyboard on your computer, please follow these instructions:

Windows XP

  1. Visit the Microsoft website to download and install the Māori keyboard.
  2. Once the keyboard is installed, press the tilde key (~) at the top left of the keyboard to type a macron over a vowel.

Windows Vista, 7 or 8

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region (or Region and Language)
  2. Go to the Keyboards and Languages tab and click Change keyboard. If it already says English (New Zealand) - Maori, then it's already set up.
  3. Otherwise, click Add. Scroll down to English (New Zealand), expand the Keyboard options and click Show More.
  4. Find Maori in the list and tick it, then click OK.
  5. Change the Default input language bar at the top of the window to display English (New Zealand) - Maori.
  6. To type a macron, press the tilde key (~) at the top left of the keyboard then the vowel.

Mac OS (10.7 or above) and iOS

  1. Hold down the key for the vowel you want to macronise for about half a second.
  2. A small dialogue box will pop up showing you several options, including a macron.

Please contact ITS if you need further assistance setting up or using the Māori keyboard on your computer.

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