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For university groups we offer short-term English tuition combined with an exciting activities programme.

Short-term English study programmes

Options include:

  • A combination of English, tourism and special interest activities.
  • Intensive English - a full-time programme of English tailored to meet your group's English requirements.
  • English for Specific Purposes: e.g. business, medicine, journalism, and other professional fields.
  • All programmes have an orientation component.
  • The standard programme for groups includes General English and activities outside the classroom.
  • Students may be integrated into usual classes, work in their groups on a specially designed programme, or experience a mixture of both.
  • Programmes are available to meet special needs, for example English for Teachers and Business English.

A choice of two programmes

1. An integrated programme

This means that your group is included as part of the usual programme, with other students from all over the world.

  • Tuition from Monday to Friday
  • 4 to 5 hours per day
  • 23 hours per week for the number of weeks required
  • Each week there is an additional activity available outside class time. Students are encouraged to take part in these activities
  • Access is provided outside class time to the Independent Learning Centre and the Language Laboratory.

2. A special group programme

This means that your group may have either:

  • a General English class in the morning and special activities in the afternoon
  • a day of tuition followed by a day of special activities
  • A combination of an integrated programme and a specific group programme

The content would include elements of the integrated programme plus an activities programme as chosen by the client.


For group enquiries, please contact

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