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Many of our programmes are available online.

For all our online courses, we recommend the following:

  • Internet speed: A minimum 1Mbps to 3Mbps (Megabits per second)* download speed per user / device
  • Minimum hardware: Chromebook or laptop, with a webcam
  • Minimum software and applications: Devices should be running the latest operating systems and must be up to date with the latest version of application, i.e. Teams, Zoom etc
  • Optional hardware: Headset, a second monitor, printer

English Language Centre

Online Blended English Language Programme

The Online Blended English Language Programme is a part-time programme designed to support the learning programmes of institutions such as schools and universities, and can be delivered to large numbers of students. It offers the advantages of virtual classroom learning integrated with the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of e-learning, group learning, interactive self-study, and lessons from our highly qualified professional English teachers. This online programme is only available to students outside of New Zealand.

Online General English (GE)

The General English programme is offered on-campus as well as online for student groups outside of New Zealand by prior arrangement. The course content and dates are the same as the on-campus programme. Each week there is 15 hours of tuition.

General English

Online New Zealand Culture and Customs

The New Zealand Culture and Customs programme is offered online for student groups by prior arrangement. This online-only programme is designed specifically for off-shore international students, and combines our General English programme with the opportunity to learn about New Zealand culture and customs.

New Zealand Culture and Customs

Online English lessons–how does it work?

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