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Home country: Ukraine, Programme: Language Centre

Anastasiia found out about the Language Centre through a family member and followed up with an agent in Kiev who recommended she come to Otago. “Dunedin is a small city for me as I am from a big industrial city where there are lots of traffic jams. Dunedin is quiet but has many wonderful opportunities for study. It is also very good as people smile a lot and they want to help you if you need it.

I really like my homestay family. They help me every day so I am really enjoying being here. My homestay mother cooks very well and her food is very tasty. In the weekends I spend time with my homestay family. Last weekend we went to Queenstown and I did a bungy jump. It was a good new experience. Another weekend we went to visit friends who live on a farm. There was a very beautiful lake nearby and really fresh air. It was unusual for me coming from Kiev, which is such an industrial city, so I really enjoyed the fresh air. All the time I was taking in deep breaths of fresh air.

I felt a little worried when I first arrived at the Language Centre about meeting new people and being in a new country. I was not sure how it would be but it was very good because the staff and students were so friendly. There are lots of people from Asia and the Middle East and they are very friendly as they wanted to know a lot about the Ukraine and my culture.

I like studying here because we have different classes and every class has special equipment for the topic of the day. For example the Independent Learning Centre helps me develop speaking, listening, reading and writing. It is very good. Also we have the oppor tunity to watch movies, which helps us with listening. The Otago campus is big and students have many opportunities to learn. The library is good as I can find any information I need there. I went to a lecture recently and I found the lecture theatre really beautiful. The presentations were very interesting and the lecturer was keen to help students to improve their knowledge.

My future plan is to take the IELTS exam. If I get a good score I will go to Foundation Year in February to study Health Science as I want to study Medicine at Otago.”

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