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We have over forty experts from across the university making fundamental discoveries and translating these discoveries into practical applications against infectious diseases.

Members of the Webster Centre use a variety of methods in their research, ranging from chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, immunology and microbiology.

Key research areas

Applied and Molecular Immunology

Webster Centre scientist, Associate Professor Jo Kirman, researches applied and molecular immunology.

Bacterial physiology and antimicrobial resistance

Webster Centre scientist, Professor Greg Cook, researches bacterial physiology and antimicrobial resistance.

Genomics of emerging infectious diseases

Webster Centre investigator, Associate Professor Russell Poulter, explores eukaryote mobile genetic elements.

Human Virology: human papillomavirus

Webster Centre researcher, Professor Merilyn Hibma, carries out human papillomavirus (HPV) and cancer.

Human Virology: influenza virus

Webster Centre researcher, Associate Professor Matloob Husain, is working on a programme on human virology: influenza virus.

Immunity to bacterial infection and antimicrobial resistance

Webster Centre Director, Dr James Ussher, researches immunity to bacterial infection and antimicrobial resistance.

Molecular virology and viral pathogenesis

Webster Centre researcher, Professor Andy Mercer, researches molecular virology and pathogenesis.

Oral microbiology and antifungal drug resistance

Webster Centre researcher, Professor Richard Cannon, researches oral microbiology and antifungal drug resistance.

Pseudomonas in kiwifruit

Webster Centre scientists Associate Professor Russell Poulter and Professor Iain Lamont have been investigating the bacterial causes of diseases in New Zealand kiwifruit.

Structural biology of infectious diseases and antimicrobial development

Professor Kurt Krause carries out research on structural biology of infectious diseases and antimicrobial development.

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