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Biostatisticians in the group collaborate with researchers at UOW on most aspects of quantitative research. As well as providing consulting services for staff and students at UOW, the biostatisticians are explicitly involved as collaborators in many ongoing projects at the University of Otago, Wellington, as co-investigators and/or team biostatisticians.

For more short term consulting requests, we can answer general or specific questions on statistical matters, provide information on and assistance with study design (including sample size calculations), and sometimes perform analyses for researchers (where appropriate: usually this is part of our collaborative work.)

We also organise workshops throughout the year for staff and students at UOW, as well as contributing to statistics courses for the wider academic and health-research community at the Public Health Summer School in February of each year.

For further details of how we can work with you, or to make an enquiry about getting assistance, please contact the biostatisticians on (for a new enquiry) or email/phone one of the biostatisticians as per our contact page.

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