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The Biostatistical Consulting Group is part of the Dean's Department at the University of Otago, Wellington (UOW). We are a school-wide resource working with staff and students at UOW. Our role is to collaborate with researchers, and to provide advice and assistance regarding statistical issues.

For more information on what kinds of things we do with researchers, please follow this link to our Services webpage.

We also maintain a page on various resources (learning and statistical computing resources) which you can visit on our Resources webpage.

Contact details:

If this will be your first contact for a project, please contact the biostatistical service on our joint email address

To contact a biostatistician directly:

Alice Kim
Tel +64 4 832 3442

Gordon Purdie

James Stanley
Tel +64 4 832 3129

Robin Willink
Tel +64 4 918 6113

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