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Undergraduate teaching

WellSleep Centre staff are involved in undergraduate teaching for the following groups:

  • Fourth- and fifth-year medical students (studying at the University of Otago, Wellington)
  • Students enrolled in Massey University's Sleep Science paper

Postgraduate teaching

Postgraduate teaching is provided for two University of Otago, Wellington programmes:

The PGCertMedTech is specifically aimed at those just starting, or wishing to start, work as clinical physiologists in the fields of sleep, cardiology or respiratory medicine. The program consists of two papers taken over one year of part-time study.

The PGDipMedTech consists of a further two papers providing focused training for the technologist and is currently available for sleep medicine and cardiology technologists.

A Master of Medical Technology (MMedTech) programme is currently being developed.

Postgraduate research

Opportunities are available for suitably-qualified candidates for master's or PhD research degrees.

Please contact the WellSleep manager Associate Professor Angela Campbell – – for further information.

WellSleep seminars

WellSleep Centre staff regularly provide sleep education to a range of groups including

  • Company employees
  • Medical professionals
  • Students enrolled in other health science courses

Please contact us at for further information about sleep education seminars.

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