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The WellSleep Centre undertakes a range of sleep research. Researchers at the Centre are continually working towards improving their knowledge, skills, and expertise, to ensure patients are able to sleep well.

Recent WellSleep Centre sleep research

Home based polysomnography

  • Technical performance and patient acceptability of laboratory and home setup polysomnography

CPAP modifications

  • Effectiveness of two forms of positive airway pressure ( CPAP and C-Flex™) in severe obstructive sleep apnoea (with funding provided by Respironics Ltd)

Sleep apnoea and heart function

  • Measures of cardiovascular performance in adults with severe obstructive sleep apnoea

AutoPAP: Its effectiveness in severe obstructive sleep apnoea

The link between breathing and heart rate

  • Cardioventilatory coupling during sleep in human adults, children, and infants

Enhancing CPAP use

  • Factors affecting CPAP compliance in sleep apnoea patients and the effectiveness of a DVD in improving compliance (with funding provided by the Lottery Grants Board)


  • Evaluation of a new milk product (with funding provided by Synlait Milk Ltd)

Sleep apnoea symptoms in children

  • Does having a parent with OSA increase symptoms in their children? (with funding provided by the Maurice and Phyllis Paykel Trust)

Older adults and OSA - what works for them?



  • A new form of PAP which aims to assist use by reducing side effects

Links with other sleep research groups

WellSleep has a number of links with other sleep research groups including:

Postgraduate research opportunities

The University of Otago is a world-renowned research university. The WellSleep Centre offers a number of projects in sleep health for thesis-based research.

University scholarships are available to suitably qualified candidates.

Current postgraduate research being undertaken includes:

  • Neonatal oximetry – long-term follow up
  • Nasal cycle in OSA
  • New forms of PAP delivery for OSA

Further information

Please contact Dr Angela Campbell for more information about our current research, or to learn about undertaking postgraduate research at the WellSleep Centre:

Tel +64 4 920 8819
Fax +64 4 920 8861

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