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MD (Michigan) 1986, Ph.D (Umeå) 2002

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Research Adviser

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Michael Haney, MD, PhD, is involved in supervision of research students in Department. Over many years he has provided support to different courses in the Section as well. He has a background in both aviation medicine (as an ex Air Force flight surgeon) as well as care of patients in the air ambulance setting with focus on critically ill patients. His primary position is Professor and academic department head for Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at Umeå University, and as a senior consultant in the same specialty at the University Hospital of Umeå, Sweden. In the clinical department in Umeå, the aeromedical section is responsible for medical direction of both the busy regional and national fixed wing air ambulance organisation, as well as the international emergency response Swedish National Aeromedical Evacuation system (SNAM).

His research activities have been largely in the area of circulatory physiology, but also span many areas of perioperative, intensive care, and prehospital medicine. He has supervised masters and PhD students in the Otago department over many years. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the clinical medical journal Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica.


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