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How do I get training in OPC ?

Training in OPC can currently be accessed through the OPC Taster (online self-study), Introductory and Advanced (live online or in-person) workshops delivered by members of the OPC Trainers Network. All members of the OPC Trainers Network are listed below.

OPC Practice and Feedback events are also offered from 2023 for live online  practice of OPC with individualised feedback. To learn more about any of the OPC workshops click the links in the table of workshops below.

OPC trainers or training courses not listed below are not recognised by the OPC Network and would not meet fidelity requirements for research for training in OPC .

Upcoming OPC workshops

DateCountryLanguage Workshop LevelTrainerEnrol
28 Aug 2024
4 Sep 2024
11 Sep 2024
(live online)
English Introductory Dorothy Kessler Enrol now
29-30 Aug 2024France
(in person)
FrenchIntroductoryCaroline HuiEnrol now
11 Sep 2024
18 Sep 2024
25 Sep 2024
(live online)
English Introductory Áine O'Dea and Melanie Scott Enrol now
23 Sep 2024 Australia
(in person)
English Introductory Fiona Graham Enrol now
18 Oct 2024
13 Nov 2024
13 Dec 2024
17 Jan 2025
21 Feb 2025

(8-10am EST)
(live online)
EnglishOPC Mentorship and ConversationsCaroline Hui and Áine O'DeaEnrol now
Anytime Online English OPC Taster self-study Fiona Graham Enrol now

All workshops are live online, except for the OPC Taster self-study, which is online but can be completed at any time.

To enquire about hosting an OPC Workshop, contact:

Dr Fiona Graham
Email or

Contact a member of the OPC Trainer Network directly

Please note, a minimum of six months advanced booking is required. It is at the discretion of the host whether an OPC workshop is accessible to the general public.

OPC Taster

The OPC Taster is an online, self-directed study course in OPC . This self-study introductory coaching course is ideal for those who are very new to coaching in rehabilitation, and those who the live-online courses don't suit. This course is also a useful addition to undergraduate health professional programmes seeking some coaching exposure for students.

The OPC Taster includes 5 modules, each with fun, interactive ways to learn coaching skills over 90 days of course access.

Modules include:

  • An introduction to OPC , Connect, Structure and Share domains, and translation of OPC into rehabilitation settings.
  • Multiple video and audio demonstrations of coaching illustrate coaching methods.
  • Extension material, enabling the learner to continue their learning journey.

A personal certificate is provided on course completion.

The cost of the course is NZ$250, bulk discounts are available.

Here's what some OPC Taster learners have said about the course:

  • “This is a great way to get the fundamentals of OPC out to people. I missed the initial face-to-face training that our service was offered and I have been playing catch-up ever since and have not really been clear on what OPC is. I now get it and see its value in my role.”
  • “The brief but detailed descriptions of the key concepts of OPC were great, as I gained a deeper understanding without feeling overwhelmed by a lot of information at once or not wanting to read it because it was so long.”
  • “I particularly enjoyed the video sessions with clients – I have learnt about coaching in the past, however I found the videos were really helpful in helping me to see how effective it can be in practice.”
  • “I really enjoyed this, and I am looking forward to working through implementation into practice.”

OPC Introductory workshop

The OPC Introductory Workshop is for those new to OPC . This workshop is highly interactive and experiential, drawing on individual, small and large group activities throughout to develop learners insight into OPC methods, process and principles.

Trainers cover standardised training material for this workshop over varying timeframes, and delivery formats over one day in-person or online equivalent.  No prior experience of coaching methods is required.

Self-study and practice is required before and during scheduled sessions. The OPC Manual (see Information for researches section, below) is a required text for this workshop and is included in the purchase price by some hosts (check registration details of specific workshop).

OPC Advanced workshop

The 8-hour OPC Advanced workshop is an opportunity to build on your OPC knowledge and skills following an OPC Introductory workshop. It is suitable for those who consider OPC as an existing tool in their therapeutic tool kit.

In small and large group activities, learners will learn to observe and critique their own coaching skills and receive personal feedback on their alignment with OPC fidelity.

All learners will have the opportunity to engage with peers and receive feedback regarding their OPC fidelity/coaching skills. An in-depth understanding OPC theory is expected from prior training and self-study.

OPC Practice and Feedback

After the live-online OPC Introductory and Advanced workshops, a great way to develop your skills and confidence is to practice with an actor, watch yourself coaching and get feedback from an OPC Trainer.

For those who are seeking a formal assessment of their fidelity (adherence) to OPC methods, use of specialist actors – trained for rehabilitation-related demonstrations – can also provide assurance about competence in OPC .

The OPC Network offers OPC Practice and Feedback to meet these needs. This is a live online event run once to twice per year. To express your interest in attending the next event, follow the link in the Upcoming Workshops above.

Purchase of one OPC Practice and Feedback pack includes:

  • Three live online 15-minute practice sessions with an actor.
  • A copy of the recording of the practice video (valid for two weeks).
  • Individualised written feedback on OPC skills from an OPC Trainer, including descriptive feedback and OPC Fidelity Measure scores.
  • Certificate of competence valid for 24 months.

One OPC Practice and Feedback event comprises three two-hour windows to book practice sessions with an actor. Each two-hour window is pre-scheduled to occur two-weeks apart, over a six-week period.

How OPC Practice and Feedback works

Online practice

Learners book in for three 15-minute live-online practices with an actor who is trained as a 'standardised patient'. Learners should ensure they are available for the whole time within the advertised dates/times and time zones prior to purchase. Booking of specific 15-minute time slots is possible after purchase, with time slots available on a first-come, first-served basis. No refund is available if your preferred 15-minute time slot is not available.

Roleplays have been developed with actors to enable demonstration of OPC within brief, 15 minute sessions. Practice times are spread over three two-hour sessions. Each two hour session occurs approximately two weeks apart at advertised times, allowing the learner time for reflection and independent practice.

Patient profiles

There are three patient profiles for learners to choose from that apply to any health profession. One patient profile is paediatric neurodisability related, one adult pain/fatigue related and one adult mental health related.

Learners can choose to repeat the same patient profile more than once or choose a different one for each 15-minute practice.

Learners will be evaluated on their coaching skills, and not on clinical specialist knowledge.

Choose practice sessions

Participants will be able to select from the time slots available within each 2-hour period on a first-come, first-served basis.

It is possible to purchase two registrations within the same event (i.e. six practice opportunities).

Video recordings

Each practice is video-recorded with the recording made available to the learner at the end of the practice session.

Learners are encouraged to self-assess their OPC fidelity using the OPC Fidelity Measure and reflect on their observation of their practice prior to receiving feedback.

OPC Fidelity Measure (PDF)

Recording is optional but is essential if a fidelity check is sought by an OPC Trainer. There is no change to the purchase price if no recording or feedback is sought.

Ratings and feedback

Each practice session is rated for OPC fidelity by a member of the OPC Training Network, all of whom have undergone OPC Fidelity Measure calibration training.

The specific OPC Network rater will be advertised with the event.

Personalised written feedback and OPC FM scores are provided by email within 72 hours of each practice session.


In purchasing this event you indicate that you can attend all three event windows. You confirm that you are available for the whole two hours of each event window, but realise that you will select and attend a 15-minute session within this window after purchasing.

Consent form

Before you purchase, you will be asked to complete a consent form for the video recording.

Privacy and confidentiality

Practice sessions and video recordings occur via Zoom (Cloud) platform – and may be downloaded for personal use.

Recordings are automatically deleted after two weeks and only seen by the learner and the OPC Trainer completing the fidelity rating.

An administration staff member is also present (off screen) for demonstrations in order to host the session and manage recordings/attendances.

Ready to purchase OPC Practice and Feedback?

If you have any questions, contact:

Dr Fiona Graham

If you're ready to enrol:

Go to table of events above and click the appropriate link

How do I become an endorsed trainer?

Endorsed OPC trainers have undertaken a series of Introductory, Advanced and Train-the-trainer workshops in OPC delivered by the OPC Network trainers; and have demonstrated application of OPC to a high standard, as assessed using the OPC fidelity measure by OPC Network members and calibration training on use of the OPC Fidelity Measure.

All endorsed OPC trainers are members of the OPC Network.

Endorsed OPC trainers participate in regular supervision within the OPC Network, training and education in the latest developments and research on OPC .

Endorsed trainers teach from standardised training materials and have demonstrated competence in the use of experiential teaching methods of OPC workshops.

The OPC Network is particularly seeking trainers fluent in non-English languages.

If interested in becoming an OPC trainer, and you have completed the live OPC Introductory and Advanced workshops, and achieved competence in OPC at an OPC Practice and Feedback event, contact:

Dr Fiona Graham

How do I make sure I am using OPC safely?

Explicit and written shared understanding of the focus of intervention, length of planned intervention and outcomes that are aimed for should be undertaken with clients when attempting use of OPC , consistent with best practice rehabilitation. Professional ethical principles and other local rules governing practice (such as local professional registration rules) should be adhered to when considering whether to use OPC .

Understanding of the specific health populations that OPC is applicable to is still emerging. OPC is not recommended when there is an immediate concern for the safety of a client or others in their care. Monitoring of the effect of OPC is recommended at every client contact. The safe use of OPC is discussed at all OPC.

Information for researchers

The OPC Network welcomes engagement with researchers internationally and encourages independent research of OPC . In order to ensure fidelity to OPC as it is intended, participation in OPC Introductory and Advanced workshops is required, with OPC fidelity assessment through participation in an OPC Practice and Feedback event.

Extensive information on OPC fidelity requirements are outlined in the the OPC Manual:

Occupational Performance Coaching: A Manual for Practitioners and Researchers, Fiona Graham, Ann Kennedy-Behr and Jenny Ziviani. Routledge, 2021.

Individual or small group mentoring to further develop OPC skills is also available through OPC Network members.  Contact OPC Network members directly to arrange mentoring and negotiate payment for this service.

OPC Endorsed Trainers and Network Members

NameLocationLanguage Contact details
Fiona Graham Christchurch, New Zealand English
Charmaine Bernie Melbourne, Australia English
Lucy Charles Auckland, New Zealand English
Arul Hamil Auckland, New Zealand English
Caroline Hui Canada English, French
Dorothy Kessler Kingston, Canada English
Melissa Nott Albury, NSW, Australia English
Aine O'Dea Limerick, Ireland English
Melanie Scott Christchurch, New Zealand English
Chi-Wen (Will) Chien Hong Kong English

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