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Laboratory services overview

The department houses a variety of equipment for biological analyses, seminar rooms for hire and offers services. All users of the facilities and equipment are required to undertake training where appropriate and to comply with health and safety policies and procedures of the department and University.

Equipment and services available for use:


All hire and use of departmental equipment and services (e.g. histology) need to be paid for. Please contact the department for prices. These should be factored into any project budgets/grants.


Histology services

The histology laboratory can provide a range of histological services including:

  • Tissue fixation, processing and sectioning
  • Standard H&E staining
  • Special stains
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Cryotomy

Please contact the department to discuss histological work required:


The Pathology department houses a number of microscopes. These include

  • light microscope
  • dissecting microscope
  • fluorescence microscope

These are available to hire for use on an hourly basis. Should training or labour be required this will be an additional cost. Some microscopes have cameras attached to capture images.

Please contact the department for prices and appropriate contacts for advice.

Pathology Museum

The Pathology museum currently houses an invaluable collection of specimens demonstrating the workings of the human body and disease. It is an essential tool for the training of medical students and health professionals. The Pathology Museum is also available for use by hospital staff and other education groups. Should you wish to have a tour or seminar please contact

The Pathology museum can be accessed online at

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