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Members of the ARCH group have been collecting and analysing video recordings of naturally occurring interactions between health practitioners and patients since 2004. This data set, together with a custom- designed information management system comprises the ARCH Corpus, a searchable digitised collection of health care interactions and related data for use in interaction analysis.

The ARCH Corpus of Health Interactions is the first data set of its kind in New Zealand:

  • A “living data bank” of digitally recorded New Zealand health interactions and associated information collected progressively since 2004 (not a formally structured corpus). Data are permanently archived (with consent of participants) for future use by authorised researchers and educators
  • A comprehensive data management system has been developed (including a searchable ACCESS database with links to audio & video recordings, logs and transcripts, medical notes and field notes, and other associated documents)
  • The primary data in the ARCH Corpus includes:
    1. video/audio recordings of consultations, other patient-health professional interactions, and professional interactions and meetings
    2. participant interviews and focus groups
    3. ethnographic and demographic data
    4. medical records & other documents

Development of the ARCH Corpus:

Data collection began in 2004. Data from a number of studies have been added over the years including interviews with patients / service users and health providers. Collection continues.

Studies contributing data to the ARCH Corpus
(follow links to full titles and details on Projects page)
Dates of collection
Interaction Study 2004-2005
Tracking Study /Surgeon Study 2006-2009
Diabetes Tracking Study 2009-2012
Demystifying Addiction and Recovery (interviews) 2012-2014; 2022-23
Talking About Overweight and Obesity (TAbOO)/FABS 2012-15; 2018
Interpreting Study 2012-17
Health Navigators and Interpreting (interviews) 2015
Ante-natal Clinic Study 2016
Diabetes Stories (interviews) 2015-17; 2023
Medication Reviews 2021
  • Teaching resources have also been developed with video and audio clips, transcripts and other information and materials derived from research data held in the ARCH Corpus
  • Data and curated teaching resources in the ARCH Corpus may be made available to authorised researchers or educators under strict conditions of use, on application to the ARCH Governance Group

The ARCH Corpus: summary statistics (as at 20/07/2017)

Research participants and sites


Recorded Health Interactions





General Practitioners (GPs) 39 Specialist-Patient 81
Specialist 36 Nurse-Patient 105
Nurses 36 Other HP-Patient 29
Other health professionals (HPs) 30 Professional-Professional 14
Additional participants (interpreters, family members etc) 49 Group Sessions 6
Research Sites
Research interviews



Health Professionals

Others 23

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