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What do I need to know for completing my Project Proposal?

Complete the project proposal form. Prior to completing read through all the Supervisor FAQs. Your project proposal will be reviewed by a selection panel. Forms are due in early-July each year. Late submission may not be accepted. Key information required is Project Title, Aim, Methodology, Significance, Student's Role, Ethics and Funding.

Summer studentship project proposals are open to all UOW staff (based at CCDHB, HVDHB, Mid-Central DHB, Hawke's Bay DHB) as well as research institutions that have links to the UOW campus.

My project is accepted now what?

If funding is not already secured the Summer Studentship team will work with you to seek funding however funding is not always guaranteed.

Key dates

See the Summer Studentship calendar

Project deliverables

Project deliverables will vary according to each project's requirements. Every student will have a deliverable(s) which will be agreed between the student and supervisor.

Most students will produce a poster for the Poster Showcase Event and a written deliverable which could take the format of a literature review, scientific article, scientific report, or lay report.

All deliverables are to be signed off by the supervisor along with the final payment authorisation form before the final instalment can be processed.

All deliverables must acknowledge the organisation that sponsored their project.

What is the Poster Showcase Event?

1pm–3pm, last Friday in January: A gathering of all the students to do a five-minute presentation of their posters. Staff, sponsors, supervisors, and whānau are all invited. At the end of the session there is a prizegiving for the winner and highly commended students.

Support is provided to students to prepare and present their posters.

Examples of Summer Studentship posters presented in 2023 (PDF)

What is a written report?

A written report could be a literature review, scientific article, scientific report, or lay report. Reporting templates are below:

Attached are some examples of previous reports by students:

Will I need ethics approval?

All projects involving human or animal subjects require approval. Supervisors will need to provide ethics approval application number and a file with their ethics signoff. It is the main supervisor's responsibility to obtain all required approvals for the project prior to it commencing.

UOW Research ethics help page including forms to complete

Will I need locality assessment?

For locality authorisation provided by any University of Otago campus, you need to follow the University's process for locality authorisation:

Locality authorisation process (PDF)

This requires you to fill out the University's locality authorisation form:

Locality authorisation form (Word)

The UOW Campus HDEC Manager/Advisor referred to on this form is Dr Sara Filoche, Associate Dean (Research).

For locality authorisation provided by an external agency such as a DHB or other organisation, you will need to follow whatever process those organisations have for locality authorisation. As part of the review process you give access to your online ethics application to the nominated person for locality authorisation, who signs your application electronically if authorisation is given.

Do I need Māori consultation?

Any project requiring ethics approval or a locality assessment will require Māori consultation. You will need to complete a Research Consultation with Māori Form.

Research consultation with Māori

Will I need health and safety training in the laboratory?

If a student requires access to laboratory space at UOW supervisors are responsible for ensuring that students receive appropriate health and safety, and compliance training for the particular techniques and materials that they will be using for their project.

Please contact Lizzie Zheng (CTR Manager):


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