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About the Otago Zebrafish Facility

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The Otago Zebrafish Facility (OZF) is located at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. The core facility serves a number of departments with research interests that utilise the Zebrafish as a model organism.

The 1130-tank facility was commissioned in May 2009 and completed March 2011. The OZF services several high-profile teams—both within the University of Otago and externally—researching cancer, developmental disorders, sex determination, stem cell biology, oxidative stress, behaviour, epigenetics, and evolution.

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Researchers with a clear vision of what their ideal facility incorporates—for their own purposes and for other researchers—have driven the establishment of the Otago Zebrafish Facility.

Consequently, it provides an extensive and complete range of services: from "renting" your own tank, through to fully-contracted experimental work, toxicology and pathology expertise, and imaging facilities.

The facility is supported by a Ministry for Primary Industries certified Quarantine Room for the importation of zebrafish from overseas, and holds Environmental Protection Agency approvals for the importation and development of genetically modified zebrafish.

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