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Sponsors of the Otago Zebrafish Facility

The establishment of the Otago Zebrafish Facility is possible thanks to the support of Cure Kids, the KD Kirkby Trust, Lottery Health Research and the University of Otago.

Cure Kids

Cure Kids exists to fund research into life-threatening childhood illnesses in New Zealand and has invested more than $25 million in medical research over the past 30 years, since being founded by Rotary in New Zealand. It also facilitated the Guardian Trust's financial contributions towards the Otago Zebrafish Facility.

Cure Kids is the main sponsor of the Otago Zebrafish Facility, providing funding for the majority of the tanks and for the imaging facility microscope.

K D Kirkby Trust

The Tauranga-based KD Kirkby Trust is a long-time benefactor of Cure Kids. The trust was established by the late Kathleen Kirkby, a daughter of Sir Robert Anderson of Invercargill.

In association with Cure Kids, the KD Kirkby Trust has contributed to both the purchase of tanks and the imaging facility microscope.

NZ Lottery Grants Board logoLottery Health Research

The Lottery Grants Board's Health Research Committee funds research projects that will improve the health status of New Zealanders.

Lottery Health Research's support enabled the purchase of the facility's water-treatment units.

University of Otago

The University of Otago is New Zealand's first university. It is the country's top-ranked university for research quality and also most research-intensive.

In addition to the provision of physical space for the facility, the University also contributed towards tanks and funded the separate toxicology system.

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