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Hamish Spencer thumbnail

24 Jan 2024

Zoology Academic joins International Science Council

Evolutionary biologist distinguished Professor Hamish Spencer has received inter...

Green Honeycreeper thumbnail

12 Dec 2023

Extremely rare bird captured on film

A striking and extremely rare half female, half male bird has been spotted by a...

A takahē with coloured identification bands around its legs, looking directly at the camera

04 Dec 2023

Evolution of takahē mapped for benefit of species

Seventy-five years after they were rediscovered in Aotearoa, University of Otago...

A stream running through a valley. Its banks are grassy, with shrubs and tussocks, but no native trees.

16 Nov 2023

eDNA reveals impacts of deforestation

Deforestation of Aotearoa New Zealand resulted in dramatic biological shifts in...

Alison Cree thumbnail

12 Sep 2023

Reflections from a career studying Aotearoa New Zealand’s reptiles

Emeritus Professor Alison Cree’s move to Dunedin in 1991 was to fill a temporary...

Yellow-eyed penguin walking through grass.

10 Aug 2023

Understanding environment use key to protection of hoiho

Researchers hope a study into how hoiho foraging grounds overlap with commercial...

Three stoneflies, two dark and one lighter coloured, sitting on a fern leaf image

01 Aug 2023

When cheating pays – survival strategy of insect uncovered

Researchers have revealed the unique ‘cheating’ strategy a New Zealand insect ha...

Debbie Bishop with Holly thumbnail

25 Jul 2023

Holly becomes Aotearoa NZ’s first native frog detection dog

Holly, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, is New Zealand’s first native frog-...

Dunedin campus aerial

11 Jul 2023

Whale of a debate put to rest

Researchers have finally settled a decades-long dispute about the evolutionary o...

PaleoGuy image

10 Jul 2023

From zombi fungi to kororā with Henry the Paleoguy

Otago undergrad Henry Scott things to say about everything from Zombi fungi to D...

Rarangi uplift bench full width image

17 May 2023

Wednesday 17 May 2023, Otago researchers reveal impact of ancient earthquake

By combining the scientific powerhouses of genetics and geology, University of O...

01 Nov 2017

Otago zoologist honoured by national scientific peers through 2017 Marsden Medal

A leading University of Otago zoology researcher, Emeritus Professor Carolyn Bur...


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