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The Department of Zoology maintains a strong research culture.

Dunedin provides the perfect natural environment to carry out research - there are large inlets, sandy bays and rocky shores nearby with abundant wildlife including seals, sea lions, penguins and a royal albatross colony all within kilometres of the Department.

A few hours travel takes you to glaciers, fiords, mountains, rivers and lakes. Of course we are not just limited to Dunedin and its environs - our researchers also work in places including Antarctica, the Sub-Antarctic islands, the Pacific Islands, and Borneo.

From this page you can navigate to profiles for individual researchers working on particular research areas, ecosystems, or animal taxa. For a list of all staff members in Zoology, please see Our People.

Penguins on the rocks

Adelie penguins and chicks (Pygoscelis adeliae)

Research Resources

Research support available in the Department includes:

  • 4WD vehicle fleet
  • boats and trailers
  • specialist field and laboratory equipment
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