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Semester 1, 2024

When: Tuesday, 12:00 midday

Where: Benham Seminar Room (B215), Department of Zoology

Zoom link is available - check the ZooBulletin or contact the coordinators

27 February

Introduction to postgrad


5 March

PhD Proposals

Olivia Lin, Katie Buschang

12 March

Literature search and referencing

Sheri Johnson

19 March

Looking after your mental health

Nikki Fahey

26 March

Maintaining the momentum

Daniel Zamorano, Nina Batucan, Luna Thomas + others


Midsemester break

9 April

Keeping your balance

Abby Smith

16 April

Writing strategies

Rob Wass

23 April


Ben Daniel Motidyang, Nathalie Wierdak

30 April

PhD Proposals

Cameron McDougall, Clare Gunton

7 May

PhD proposals

Bianca Keys, Scott Bourke

14 May

Postgrad publishing bursary


21 May

Manuscript reviewing

Travis Ingram

28 May

MSc proposals

ZOOL495 students

Sheri Johnson

Committee: Xuhong Chai, Nina Batucan, Martyn Kennedy, Paul Szyszka, Travis Ingram, Erin Damsteegt, Sheri Johnson.

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