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Dr Priscila Salloum

Research interests

  • Population genomics
  • Microbiomes
  • Phenotypic variation and local adaptation
  • Evolution

I am interested in exploring the links between genetics, environment, and even microbes, in the diversification of phenotypes we observe in natural populations.

Current postdoctoral projects:

The microbe trade: bacterial exchanges among parasitic worms sharing the same host (University of Otago Research Grant); PI: Robert Poulin; AI: Fátima Jorge

Parasite microbiomes and host manipulation: who’s really pulling the strings? (Marsden 21-UOO-002); PI: Robert Poulin; AI: Fátima Jorge

Academic qualifications:

PhD - Biological Sciences, The University of Auckland, 2020.
MSc - Genetics and Evolution, State University of Campinas (Brazil), 2015.
BSc and BEdSc(SecTchg) - Biological Sciences, State University of Campinas (Brazil), 2011.

Previous projects:

Research assistant, University of Auckland.

  • Transcriptomic analysis of adaptation to heat stress in an endemic mollusc (FRDF research grant; PI: Shane Lavery).

Postdoctoral researcher (PI), University of Auckland (Kate Edger Postdoctoral Award; Malacological Society of Australasia Research Grant)

  • Shedding light on adaptive differentiation of a New Zealand endemic chiton with a high-quality and low-budget genome (in collaboration with Annabel Whibley, Shane Lavery, Anna Santure).

PhD student, University of Auckland

  • Genetic and phenotypic variation of Onithochiton neglectus across a heterogeneous marine environment (supervisors: Shane Lavery, Anna Santure, Pierre de Villemereuil).


Google Scholar
Personal website
Parasitology group
Santure group

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Poulin, R., Jorge, F., & Salloum, P. M. (2022). Inter-individual variation in parasite manipulation of host phenotype: A role for parasite microbiomes? Journal of Animal Ecology. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1111/1365-2656.13764

Salloum, P. M., Santure, A. W., Lavery, S. D., & de Villemereuil, P. (2022). Finding the adaptive needles in a population-structured haystack: A case study in a New Zealand mollusc. Journal of Animal Ecology. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1111/1365-2656.13692

Salloum, P. M., de Villemereuil, P., Santure, A. W., Waters, J. M., & Lavery, S. D. (2020). Hitchhiking consequences for genetic and morphological patterns: The influence of kelp-rafting on a brooding chiton. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 130, 756-777. doi: 10.1093/biolinnean/blaa073

Salloum, P. M., Silva, M. J., & Solferini, V. N. (2019). Fine-scale genetic structure of the periwinkle Echinolittorina lineolata (Gastropoda: Littorinidae): the interplay between space and time. Journal of Molluscan Studies, 85, 73-78. doi: 10.1093/mollus/eyy048