Welcome to Food Science at Otago

The work of food scientists has an increasing importance in todays modern industrialised world. Whilst distribution systems and processing techniques continue to improve, consumers are demanding convenience products that are minimally processed, palatable and available throughout the year.

At Food Science we study food using the tools of science and the machines of industry.

The aim of the University of Otago's Food Science Department is to prepare our students for creative, challenging, diverse and rewarding careers in the food industry and to produce the next generation of critical thinkers, industry leaders and food science researchers.

They are charged with the job of processing, preserving and distributing food of high quality, which is both safe and tasty to eat. They use their skills to develop new, improved products or devise more economical production processes. The challenge in the future is to improve the nutritional quality of food, conserve the world's food supply and reduce environmental impact.

University of Otago Food Science