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The dynamic geology of the South Island of New Zealand is regarded with fascination by earth scientists the world over.

Teaching and Research carried out by staff and students in the Geology Department at the University of Otago in Dunedin emphasises process-related research tied to the fast tempo of 'active' earth science in the South Island, and to the evolution of our unique New Zealand biota.

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16 June 2014: PHD opportunity Chronostratigrahy and cyclostratigraphy of sea-level cycles recorded in mid-Pliocene shallow-marine sediments, Wanganui Basin, New Zealand

4 April 2014: What’s a biologist doing in the Ice Lab?

7 March 2014: What do staff do all summer?

5 March 2014: Hope to build $3m subantarctic research station
Establishing a $3 million research station on the Auckland Islands will benefit New Zealand through a better understanding of the likely impact of climate change, researchers say.

21 February 2014: Focus on quake origins through study of ice - By studying the microstructure of ice, University of Otago scientists hope to gain new insights into the origin of earthquakes, deep below the Southern Alps.

7 February 2014: Otago student's whale of a find

23 January 2014: Pamphlet puts Alpine Fault on a tectonic plate

23 January 2014: Fossil hot spot bears new dolphin The discovery of a previously unknown dolphin species highlights the South Island's growing international reputation as a hot spot for finding ancient marine mammal fossils, Prof Ewan Fordyce says.

7 November 2013: Ocean drilling reveals why the 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake and Fukushima Tsunami were so devastating

15 November 2013: Department of Geology goes spatial with Koordinates subsite. The department now has a subsite with mostly spatial data derived from staff and students research in the Department of Geology.

31 October 2013: Marsden success for geology staff Congratulations to Christina Riesselmann, Dave Craw and Chris Moy: all have been awarded Marsden Funds to start in 2014.

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Earth Deformation, Faults and Earthquakes

Past Life and Past Climates

Volcanic Processes, Ancient and Modern

Geophysical Imaging on Land and Sea

Environmental Geology and Geochemistry

Gold, Oil and other resources

Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology