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This Department is recognised internationally for the quality and breadth of its research and its graduates. We are the PBRF-top-ranked department in the Division of Sciences at the University of Otago (2018 Performance-Based Research Fund quality evaluation results).

Our research is linked strongly to the dynamic geology of New Zealand. In particular, we emphasise process-related research tied to the "active" geology of the South Island, and to the evolution of our unique New Zealand biota.

History of the department

A number of very influential people such as W.N Benson and D.S. Coombs have moulded the history which has led to the success of this department.

The department has its beginnings within the School of Mines formed in 1878; it then gained independence within the School of Mines and then eventually found independence as a Department.

In around 1927 the Department moved to its current location in the building across from the clocktower/registry building.

Otago Students' Geological Society (OSGS)

The Otago Geological Students Society is a University club that aims to introduce and educate people in geology in a fun and interactive way. The club has many different trips throughout the year ranging from beach trips to skiing trips, all of which include both geology and non-geology students. If you have any questions or would like to join the club please don't hesitate to contact us.

Scholarships, prizes, and postgraduate support

Most of our PhD students and many of our MSc students are supported by scholarships. Both local and international students may apply for these.

Several prizes are awarded annually to Otago geology students.

Postgraduate students may be able to obtain further financial support for their research, including conference, analytical and fieldwork costs.

Geology Museum

The Geology Museum, which is open to the public (9am-5pm Monday to Friday), is in the south end of the historic geology building. Our Geology Museum contains large and scientifically important collections of rocks, minerals and fossils - the largest such collection in the South Island.

Image gallery

Our image gallery has Department group photos, usually taken on the registry lawn and photos from the Annual Geology photo competition run by the Department and Otago Students' Geological Society (OSGS)

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