Department of Geology


Research Facilities

List of Facilities

We have a wide range of facilties for geological and geophysical research. See a full list of the major facilities we have (or have access to).

Geochemical Analysis

We have a range of facilities for geochemical analysis. See what geochemical facilities we have.


We have geophysics equipment suitable for on land and offshore geophysics surveys. We also have a range of computing and software for processing and interpretation of geophysical data-sets. See what geophysics facilities we have.

Marine Geology

We have access to a range of facilities or marine geology, including the RV Polaris II research vessel. Find out more about the marine geology facilities we have access to.

Mineralogy and Petrology

Mineralogy and petrology is an important area of research to us and as such we have good facilities for mineralogy and petrology. Find out more about the mineralogy and petrology facilities we have.


Our state of the art paleomagnetic research facility supports important research. Find out more about the equipment housed in the paleomagnetic research facility.


Our paleontology facilities support a wide range of paleontological research. Find out more about the paleontology facilities we have.

Structural Geology Facilities and Laboratory

We have a range of software and equipment that can be used to study structural geology. See more about our structural geology facilities.

Additional equipment and facilities

In addition to the facilities we have for specific research areas that are linked to above we have some general facilities. See what other additional facilities we have.