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Gene Genie: Conservation genomics

BBC 4 science presenter and geneticist Dr Adam Rutherford looked at the implications of the increasing availability of genetic information for sex, paternity, medicine, weight control, food, species restoration and perhaps even human survival in a five-part discussion series broadcast by RNZ: Gene Genie (2016).

Allan Wilson at Otago members Neil Gemmell and Michael Knapp participated in the Conservation genomics discussion:

Gene Genie series (52:43 duration), Royal Society's website

Mapping genomes

Dr Michael Knapp chats to Ethan on radio 95bfm about research on mapping the complete mitochondrial genomes of New Zealand's indigenous peoples in October 2012.

That's science with Dr Michael Knapp (7:48 duration), 95bfm's website

Genetic map of the first settlers

Radio New Zealand interviews Michael Knapp about genetic mapping.

Genetic map of the first settlers (13:05 duration), Radio New Zealand's website

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