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Gene Genie: Family and genealogy

BBC 4 science presenter and geneticist Dr Adam Rutherford looked at the implications of the increasing availability of genetic information for sex, paternity, medicine, weight control, food, species restoration and perhaps even human survival in a five-part discussion series broadcast by RNZ: Gene Genie (2016).

Allan Wilson at Otago members Lisa Matisoo-Smith and Hamish Spencer participated in the Family and genealogy discussion:

Gene Genie series (51:51 duration), Royal Society's website

Fossil named after researcher

French and Russian scientists recently named a deep-water snail found off the coast of New Zealand Hortia spenceri in honour of Professor Spencer's work recording mollusc species.

Old fossil 'tickled to death' at honour Otago Daily Times website, February 2015

Repelling introduced predators

Getting rid of introduced predators would save us millions of conservation dollars, deal to bovine TB and other pest-borne diseases (again saving millions of taxpayer dollars) and make real our international 'clean green' reputation says Hamish Spencer in this Dominion Post opinion piece, December 2014.

United we can repel alien raiders Stuff website

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