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Arana's sporting programme is busy throughout the year.

Tuesday night sport

Rugby team.
Arana Women's Rugby Team 2015.

The year begins with a friendly sports competition between each floor of the college in a variety of sports codes such as:

  • Volleyball
  • Indoor soccer
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Indoor hockey
  • Dodgeball (the Warden's favourite)

Inter-college collegiate sports, cultural, and gaming competitions

Unipol, the University's Sport and Recreation Centre, facilitate a variety of events throughout the year that contribute toward the three inter-college competitions; Sport, Cultural and Gaming.

The sport competition allows us to showcase our ethos of “play hard but play fair” in a variety sports from rugby and basketball to hockey and volleyball.

The cultural competition allows us to celebrate the diverse backgrounds and passions that make up our collegiate community. You can be assured that we will be at the Maori & Pasifika and International performance nights and we are also happy to showcase our talents in the musical jam, visual arts competition and Big Sing.

The gaming competition is the newest addition to the inter-collegiate calendar but already has many of the most anticipated events with laser tag, Mario Kart, and FIFA all making appearances. But if you desire a game of more prestige, then don't worry because we also get stuck into the chess and scrabble competitions.

Outside clubs and events

Arana residents are always up for a sporting challenge and in recent years staff and residents have entered the local half marathon.


Our small gyms have table tennis, workout equipment and other recreational equipment. You are encouraged to make use of these facilities when you need a break from the students' hectic life of study.

Pool table, Common Room with surround sound, DVD, Sky Digital and many other recreation facilities are available to residents.

Sports equipment

Sports equipment can be borrowed from reception.

Board games and video games

We have a collection of both board games and video games up in the movie room for students to use. This is alongside our DVD collection that is also available for a movie night.


Formal music room offers a baby grand piano for you practice or perform upon. There is an additional music room with drums and an upright piano.


Arana is ideally situated to take advantage of the huge potential for outdoor recreation in the South Island.

Ski trips

Female resident on the college ski trip

Our ski trip to Queenstown or Wanaka are affordable,provide two days of good skiing and boarding, and also have options for learners or those who just want to have a fun weekend in the mountains.

Other Central Otago activities

You can add on extras such as jet boating, bungy jumps, off-road motorbiking, a steamboat journey or many of the other fun activities, which Queenstown offers. For many of our North Island and international students, this may be their first trip up to the snow, so we encourage everyone to make the most of this opportunity.

Work Out Rooms

Arana College has a small gym with modern equipment and you are encouraged to make this part of your daily lifestyle here.

Our gym equipment is not really suitable for the dedicated trainee, but more for those who do not have access to equipment and would like to gain confidence before going to a full gym complex such as the Unipol gym (paid for with your University fees).

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