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Students-studyingArana is a community of scholars producing the very best of academic outcomes.

The Arana learning support system is powerful and supports learning in a small group setting with excellent Tutors. Arana's expectation is that every resident will do their best to achieve high academic results.

If you are interested in knowing more about our results please contact our office on 03 479 5509

Tutorials/Academic help

In-house Learning

Each year the College arranges in-house tutorials in a range of stage one subjects, including the prescribed first year health science papers, the first year law paper and stage one commerce papers. Tutorial sessions conducted for most of the first year subjects are arranged in the College to keep residents' study on track.

These sessions are a time for students to gain more understanding of course material. It is also a chance for discussion to gain a better understanding. We strongly encourage you to attend these sessions. We also offer one on one meetings with the students during the year.

Student Learning Centre

Arana College links closely with the Student Learning Centre. An ideal place to go as soon as you arrive and become familiar with all the academic support they offer.

Professional academic support for you can be arranged through the University's Student Learning Centre. The Warden has access to your academic grades, so the staff team can assist you if you have problems.

Release of Grades

As a condition of residence Arana requires Residents to authorise the University to supply the Warden with academic grades for the time they are in Residence.

This enables the College to more adequately assist residents with their academic program and tutorial service.

Student Performance

Arana students. Arana Resident Zebulun Laqeroko practising his dentistry skills

Student performance is closely monitored by staff in consultation with the university to ensure no one is left behind when it comes to academic achievement.

We have mechanisms in place to help those students who may be feeling challenged with a particular course to ensure their best chance of achieving that paper.

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