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As a student at Otago you could choose to complete a minor in a business subject, or choose from subjects offered by the Division of Humanities or Division of Science.

Adding a business minor is a great choice, even if you aren't completing a BCom, but feel an understanding of a business subject would be useful.

Minors are your opportunity to turn an interest into a qualification by completing a selection of papers in a particular subject area (normally involving approved papers a 100-300 level), which will be acknowledged on your academic record.

Incorporating a minor into your degree

BCom with a minor in another business subject

  • E.g. BCom majoring in Accounting with a Marketing minor

BCom with a minor in a non-business subject from the Division of Humanities or Division of Science

  • E.g. BCom majoring in Marketing with a Japanese minor
  • E.g. BCom majoring in Management with a Chemistry minor

Minors can complement your major or they can be unrelated – it's your choice

  • E.g. BCom majoring in Finance with an Economics minor (complementary)
  • E.g. BCom majoring in Tourism with a Food Science minor (unrelated)

If you aren't completing a BCom, but wish to add a business minor

  • E.g. Bachelor of Arts (BA) majoring in Psychology with a Management minor

Business minors are available in the following subjects:

Please note the BCom majors of International Business, and Politics Philosophy and Economics (PPE)) are not available as minor options, rather only full majors.

If you wish to view promotional material about each minor please visit our download section.

Please consult the Guide to Enrolment (also found in the download section) for other minors available to BCom students.

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