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Study for a Minor in Economics and learn to approach today's issues from an 'Economics perspective'

You will also develop strong analytical skills that can be applied in any workplace – or when working for yourself. Economics underpins business, commerce and most social sciences. Completing a Minor in Economics will add value to your degree.

Economics keeps your options open

Studying Economics as a Minor gives you options. You can complete a Minor in Economics in the BA, BCom, BSc, BAppSc or BTheol programmes. As all Economics papers may count as Arts, Commerce or Science points, a Minor in Economics will not affect the number of non-Arts, non-Commerce or non-Science papers you may include in your BA, BCom or BSc, respectively.

Economics in the natural and physical sciences

Economics can be used to analyse many environmental, health, land-use and new-technology issues. A well-designed Minor in Economics in a degree, majoring in any natural or physical science subjects, provides an alternative perspective on matters directly related your Major.

Would a Minor in Economics suit my degree?

Absolutely! The Minor subject requirements for Economics allow a considerable degree of choice. You can design a Minor that best complements your Major subject.

We provide some suggested combinations below, but you are free to design whatever Economics Minor you like - providing it satisfies our generic requirements. Remember, this can be an opportunity to take something completely different from your Major!

Read suggested Economics Minors for a variety of Majors in other disciplines, from Accounting to Zoology.

Need some help?

Please contact the Department of Economics. We're sure Economics can complement any other subject!

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