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Researching the costs and benefits of artificial intelligence

The Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Public Policy (CAIPP) is dedicated to exploring policy, regulation, ethics and governance associated with the implementation of artificial intelligence. We champion innovative and interdisciplinary research into the analysis of the costs and benefits of this important new technology.

The Centre studies AI-related policies proposed and/or implemented internationally, and participates in the wide-ranging international investigation of the impacts of AI. It pays particular attention to evaluating policy options for New Zealand.

Drawing together the University of Otago's research expertise on the social effects of AI

The Centre draws together in a single forum the University of Otago's considerable research expertise on the social effects of AI, providing a hub for collaboration between a number of existing initiatives at the university. These include:

  • The New Zealand Law Foundation funded Artificial Intelligence and Law in New Zealand Project which is based in the Faculty of Law and the Departments of Computer Science and Philosophy.
  • The University of Otago's Artificial Intelligence and Society Group which includes over 50 researchers and graduate students from a broad group of academic disciplines including: computer science, law, philosophy, economics, information science, linguistics, politics, psychology, and sociology.

Providing advice for government ministries

The Centre also acts in an advisory capacity to the Ministries of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media, and Government Digital Services.

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